You may be looking at your own products and wondering why customers choose your products over others. You've seen some success. Or you may have just spent a lot of time and effort coming you're committed to seeing your product in the market place as soon as feasibly possible. You can't wait, the market is going to love what you have. Full roll-out is just about to happen!

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Stop, wait a minute - Have you checked with your target customers?

The excitement and enthusiasm levels are high. You're passionate about your new product. But you really need to check with your target customers and the marketplace. A few checks could help you refine your product before it hits the market place. Research can help minimise the risk of expensive product manufacturing - for a product that's not yet ready for customers.

With some affordable market research, you can see what's happening in the market place, is there a need or desire for what you are offering? What will customers pay? What are they using at the moment? What do they think of your idea? Does your product need to be tweaked?

Check out some of the useful research options below.

Focus Groups

By undertaking some simple focus groups, you may discover that with a little tweaking your product may be much more useful and attractive in the marketplace. To learn more about focus groups please visit FocusGroupsIreland. [click here]

Survey of Target Customers

If you're not sure how your product will be perceived by those who you think might be the main users of the product, a targeted survey will reveal some useful insights. Or use the targeted survey to support or check the findings of your focus groups with a wider audience. [click here]