Market insight like never before- We can target specific audiences so that you can get the insight you need. Find out how people really connect to your brand. Examine all your rand's key touchpoints and review the overall customer experience, look at your competitors' - choice is yours!

We can also lok at the things from a nationwide perspective or even look at what's happening in other counties- we've acess o 8,000,000 opinion givers worldwide!

Marketing Managers

Your dedicated research partner

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  • Radio

  • Billboard

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  • Awareness

  • Usage

  • Opinion

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Whatever your needs, we can help. So if you're looking to test an ad or a concept, track awareness or usage or just wish to get some opinions to help provide some good insight - then we can help.

Hop on board our affordable nationwide Omnibus, or ask us to get feedback from some targeted respondents, perhaps those who use your brand (or a competitors!).

Did you know that for not much more than a price of a focus group*, you can get the views of 250-300 targeted respondents for your ad or concept? With a targeted survey you can quickly learn what they think, whether your focus group conclusions are supported by a wider audience.

For a more general picture you can also jump on our nationwide omnibus, which is very affordable and get the views of 1000 respondents.

*Focus groups as per Prices are typical but can vary according to client specific requirements.