"With almost two-thirds (62%) of those sureveyed stated they were more likely to puchase a brand's product if they were asked their opinion in a study."

Brand Managers

Helping you undestand your brand.

  • TV

  • Radio

  • Billboard

  • New Concepts

  • Awareness

  • Usage

  • Opinion

  • Satisfactory

We discovered the above fact. We also discovered that sometimes for a brand, the best market research is simply getting out and talking to lots and lots of real people. Well as a market research company, that's what we do! We get out there and meet face-to-face over 1,000 people a week to complete one of our surveys. We also talk to them at focus groups but more and more we're doing it online with europinions.ie!

By doing it online, we can get to talk to lots of people in a very short timeframe and have results quickly and in time for you to decide on your next step. What's more doing it online means market research becomes more affordable.

It's also versatile, you can show tv and radio ads, show images and evaluate packaging, pricing etc

And we can directly target users of your brand! Checking their views, Usage and behavior.