Ad Agencies

  • TV

  • Radio

  • Billboard

  • New Concepts

  • Awareness

  • Usage

  • Opinion

  • Satisfactory

  • Quickly check Ad, Concept or idea.

  • Track awareness, usage and opinion.

  • Help the creative process and be able to explain and support a creative solution.

  • Extend the scope and check results of focus groups.

  • Add value to offerings by providing real customer and marketing knowledge.

  • Be confident that the client's ROI will be good.

  • Typically focus groups can help in the area of advertising design. When you're shaping your advertising concept, it makes sense to get input from your target customers using focus groups - And Yes -we know you already know this.

    With focus groups you can identify the best headlines, which benefits to emphasize and which customer propositions are more likely to get customers to act. When you've put together your advertisement, it makes sense to test it on a group of your customers to find out what they think - how they are likely to react to your ad. Find out which concept they prefer or check which headlines should be used in your campaign.

    At europinions, through FocusGroupsIreland (, we can help with almost any focus group requirements you have. But now we can take it a step further... See Extending Focus Groups with europinions to learn more.

  • Did you know that for not much more than a price of a focus group*, you can get the views of 250-300 targeted respondents for your ad or concept? With a targeted survey you can quickly learn what they think, whether your focus group conclusions are supported by a wider audience.

    For a more general picture you can also jump on our nationwide omnibus, which is very affordable and get the views of 1000 respondents.

    *Focus groups as per Prices are typical but can vary according to client specific requirements.